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Hike difficulty defined:

Difficulty Gain Altitude Technical Terrain
Easy up to 500ft below 12,000ft No technical aspect (YDS class 1 or 2) Well defined trail
Moderate up to 2000ft below 13,000ft Little to no technical aspect(YDS class 2 or 2+) Usually well defined trail
Difficult up to 3000ft above 13,000ft May need to use hands; minor scrambling (YDS Class 2+ or 3) Route may be less defined; rock; talus
Very Difficult over 3000ft above 14,000ft Moderate to difficult scrambling (YDS Class 3 or 4) Route finding skills may be needed
Extreme over 4000ft Significant time above 13,000ft Difficult scrambling or climbing (YDS Class 4 or 5) Route finding skills will be needed
All Hikes
Destination Hike Type Elevation Route Name Route Difficulty
Argentine Peak Summit 13738ft Argentine Pass Difficult
Cupid Summit 13117ft Loveland Pass East Moderate
Drift Peak Summit 13900ft Mayflower Gulch Trail Difficult
Gold Hill Summit 11940ft Mayflower Gulch Trail Moderate
Grizzly Peak Summit 13427ft Loveland Pass East Difficult
Lake Hill Summit 9349ft Old Dillon Reservoir Trail Easy
Mount Edwards Summit 13850ft Argentine Pass Difficult
Mount Royal Summit 10502ft Masontown Trail Moderate
Sapphire Point Scenic 9560ft Sapphire Point Loop Easy
Tenderfoot Overlook Scenic 9800ft Tenderfoot Mountain Trail Easy
Rainbow Lake Lake 9260ft Peaks Trail Easy
Lily Pad Lakes Lake 9880ft Multiple Easy
Mayflower Gulch Scenic 11600ft Mayflower Gulch Trail Easy
Willow Falls Scenic 10100ft S Willow Creek/Gore Range Trail Moderate